What are commodities, and what do commodity prices tell us?

By Keenan Handy, July 1, 2014

This video explains what commodities are and why commodity prices fluctuate. It’s important to understand commodity price fluctuation since we are experienci…

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  1. Tim Sauder says:

    30 years ago when I was in Florida the university was experimenting with
    sugar beets for fuel. It was determined it was the best. Why did they go to
    corn? Do you see a crisis in the economy in the near future? Good video.

  2. Neil Snyder says:

    We have enough natural gas and coal to run this country for hundreds of
    years. We can even clean coal so it doesn’t pollute the environment. Why
    corn? We have it in abundance, and farmers have a powerful lobby. Ethanol
    is inferior to natural gas and coal. Ethanol makes no sense for the US. Do
    I see a crisis in the near future? It’s possible. I certainly wouldn’t rule
    it out. Read SnyderTalk, and you’ll see the events unfold.

  3. africanwebsite says:

    Good Video SnyderTalk

  4. Neil Snyder says:

    @africanwebsite Thank you.

  5. Virginia V says:

    commodity prices in many cases are a world wide market now days. The prices
    are often driven by the crop failure of other countries which causes a
    shortage on a crop and the price goes up. if all countries have a great
    crop then its very dangerous to farmers because they sometimes go broke
    because of such low prices. Very few farmers would ever hold a crop or
    hoard it it makes no sense. Few if any are big enough to make a differance
    in a world market.

  6. Neil Snyder says:

    @oneGrandma Speculators do the hoarding.

  7. Dominique Low says:

    Just watching this out of curiosity really as I work with commodities (food
    commodities). It’s very interesting… BUT at 1:50 when you say one of 2
    things is happening, I was expecting you to simply say either the demand is
    increasing or the supply is decreasing. You don’t mention supply at all – I
    accept what you say about speculators, but it must be recognised that not
    all commodities have futures markets (palm oil, for example) and therefore
    no (direct) speculation!!

  8. Neil Snyder says:

    @clinique101 Good point. Thanks for bringing it up.

  9. stormspottter says:

    would silver or copper have a higher ROI?

  10. corsiga15 says:

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  11. Nasser Almarzooqi says:

    Thank you Good Video

  12. Toia Eugen says:

    hey bro, palm oil is also listed on CME ..

  13. Harold Sutton says:

    Would this be a good career choice? I’m a math major in college and I
    wanted to become a commodity broker.

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  15. rasheedamager1 says:

    awesome explanation 

  16. Kevin Pean says:


  17. Anand Vardhan says:

    Thank You!!

  18. el escrittor says:

    Excellent! Thanks a lot!