Commodity Trading for Dummies

By Keenan Handy, July 1, 2014

Commodity Trading, gold, gold trading, commodities.

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  1. weelgunny says:

    I bet a lot of dummies DID NOT follow that line of instruction.

  2. weelgunny says:

    @weelgunny Ok, I apologize, I was being a dickhead. I just understand it in
    different terms is all.

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  5. CebuLightsandMusic says:

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  7. El Goyzo says:

    Commodity trading for dummies – at last something understandable

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  10. RLS0812 says:

    Why am I watching a video on ETF trading, instead of commodities trading ?!
    They are not the same thing.

  11. UnitedPebbles says:

    Paper is less work or leave the hard works for somebody else, notably the
    Swiss. And when shit hit the fan, they are all gamblers and got nothing!!
    Probably why African children are hungry and why there are bubbles in the
    first place.

  12. UnitedPebbles says:

    Looked at CME, all your orders are betting bids of buy and sells, they
    matched it up, took fees, and like a game, you got winners and losers. This
    is not what they taught students at the Ivy, do they? These market are to
    hedge real life transaction against time. Why are you guys so stupid?

  13. UnitedPebbles says:

    Say if you got yourself a gas station, my friends, that is a real life
    business that need to be hedge. Gasoline, most of the time, move in the
    same direction with oil price.

  14. UnitedPebbles says:

    I bet you, more than half of these people, notably NY dwellers man, are
    these “lazy” people. Didn’t even took the time to get a proper education at
    Cornell or at least the Wharton, or Dartmouth. I mean how much are you
    paying for your rent? most of the geniuses have already moved to NJ.

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  25. David Bain says:

    Thanks. I have been trying to understand this stuff since I was in the 7th